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Sapphire Gray

Thanks to the NMC and especially Flavia for the opportunity to come on this programme as a mature student and be mentored by someone at Natwest. I was given the opportunity to walk into Natwest Bank Head Office and was allowed to be involved in the day to day running of Natwest Bank. I was able to suggest few ideas for the bank; I even got involved with the new launch of good practice. At UEL, I always felt that doing a PDP was not relevant to every day working life, but actually it’s very important and is used very heavily within Natwest. Even in such environment (Natwest Bank Head Office), my opinion mattered.

Samuel-Kayuma Senabulya

my first meeting with my mentor I had to apologize profusely, because I am a natural stammer. I took time to share with her my life experiences. She listened and after all, she told me “Your stammering cannot and will not hinder your progress in the working world�. No one has ever said that to me before, and that meant so much to me. My mentor has helped me bridge that scary gap between University and the professional world.

Abena Acheampong

The work of the NMC is a light at the end of the tunnel. Because of the programme and the organizations that join the NMC, I was matched with a mentor from HM Treasury. Within the first 2 months on the scheme I obtain a placement at TV Edwards Solicitors at Mile End. It would not have been done otherwise. What really surprised me was when he asked to see my feedback after the end of semester exams and after reading my feedback, he book a day to go through what the lecturers wrote on the paper and advised me on how best to improve on my marks.

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