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My mentor made me aware of many things I knew, but was not right. Being on the programme, help me to focus on what I really want to do after my study. My confidence and communication skills have improved immensely.

Christopher Nwokebuife

mentee program was excellent. The program gave me insight into how multinational companies like Shell where I was mentored are run. It also helped me to understand what employers are looking for in employees. It is such invaluable program.

Riccardo Lambertini

The Mentoring scheme undertaken during my last year at UEL has been without a doubt the single most efficient catalyst in ensuring my employability as a student was not limited to simple theory learned inside lecture halls and seminar classes. The confidence, responsibility and of course sense of achievement obtained in taking part from the EMUS programme and the incredibly proficient & professional Flavia and her team, have only assisted me in cementing my foot in the door in the city career I was looking to realize. All in all: I am proud but mostly glad to have had the honor to have taken part and hope it sustains the full support of the University. Due to my participation on the scheme I was able to obtain a full time Managerial position with Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC.

Jermaine St Rose

This mentoring scheme has been a learning curve for me, especially learning from my mentor who has been great throughout and who has always been professional in her approach. She arranged for me to spend an entire day in her office at HM Revenue & Customs in Stratford, which was a unique experience, as I have never worked in an office before. I built a good relationship with my mentor considering we came from two totally different backgrounds. The scheme also made me realised how much society needs role models, and so therefore, I combined my degree with Education.

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